Five Loadshedding Apps to Keep You in the Loop

Written by Charlie Fripp


There are very few people in South Africa who haven’t been affected by loadshedding in some way, shape or form.

Apart from a suburb adjacent to the Union Buildings in Pretoria which has never experienced it, for the rest of us knowing when the lights will go off is key to keeping a calm head.

We scrubbed the internet to find you a host of loadshedding apps, just so that you can be 99% sure that when your lights go out, it is actually loadshedding. And of course, ones that will help you plan ahead for when Eskom makes that dreaded announcement.

You’ll find links to the apps in the sub-headlines.

My Eskom

The official app for Eskom’s electricity status and national power consumption guide, is a pocket-sized version of the website by the same name.

It aims to give you regular updates on the latest loadshedding status, a view of the forecasted power status and alerts to switch off appliances.

The app itself doesn’t display loadshedding information regarding times and schedules, but it does provide an easy link to the official loadshedding website.

It’s available on Android and iOS.


Loadshed, developed by MADE Agency, aims to take the complication out of understanding your loadshedding schedule with a simple interface focussed on areas that you specify.

Currently it covers over 85% of South Africa, but the devs promise that more suburbs are being added every day.

It’s available on the web, Android and iOS.

Loadshedding – Notification & Schedule

The name is a bit of a mouthful, but what makes this app great is that it gives you access to load shedding schedules for multiple suburbs or areas.

You will also be able to share schedules with friends and family as well as save periods of loadshedding to your calendar. It currently covers the major areas in South Africa, but more areas are being added regularly.

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