Don’t Forget These Essential Travel Tips

Travelling is so exciting but it can also be stressful if you forget these essential tips.

1. Early bird catches the cheap flight Make sure you book early for your local and international trips. This gives you more flexibility for suitable dates, more hotel availability and reduces stress.

2. Make a Checklist You’ve finally arrived at your destination only to realise you have forgotten your camera charger and all pyjamas, avoid this irritation with a simply checklist. Checklists help you pack efficiently, allow you to keep track of what you have already packed, and keeps you from forgetting anything important.

3. Travel Insurance An essential for local and international travelling, insurance can cover medical bills, lost luggage, and even the cost of your whole trip should you cancel it. Travel insurance is only a small amount but it can really save you in times of need.

4. Pack Light You should always pack as lightly as possible because you will have to carry your own luggage. You should always leave space for trinkets and extra souvenirs you will be bringing home. Keep in mind the luggage restrictions on flights are generally 23kgs, you need to pack well under this to account for the weight of new items.

5. Keep Emergency Cash It’s vital that you always take a bit of extra cash with you for the unforeseen expenses. If you miss your flight and need to spend an unexpected night in a hotel, you lose your camera, or you run out of money, you will be grateful for the extra cash. You can keep this money on a travel card issued by your bank, travellers’ cheques or in cash in a safe place.

6. Lock It Up Make sure you take an extra lock or two with you in the event you lose yours or you want to store your valuables in a locker in your room or in transit. You can store your valuables in your suitcase in your room provided you have a sturdy lock.

7. Always Adapt It’s always a good idea to take an international adapter and international chargers for your cell phones, camera, and all other technology. Some countries use plugs with different voltages so you should always check your plugs will work in the country you are going to. You can buy an inexpensive international adapter from most luggage shops, technology stores like Incredible Connection, and some other departmental stores like Clicks.

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