Do You NEED A High-End Phone?

These days, smartphones have become so expensive that a name brand, high-end phone will cost you more than the average laptop.

In fact, the vast majority of us are more demanding in terms of what we get from out smartphones, than we are with what we get from our laptops.

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Yes, our smartphones can do things that we had never imagined. This includes being our methods of payment, entertainment, and content creation. But, they are also our most personal devices and the devices which are seeing the most changes every few months. Or, at least they were.

Is a High-End Phone Really Worth It?

As the cost of high-end smartphones have increased, and the improvements on existing features have become more incremental than revolutionary, people have begun to question why they’re buying these expensive cellphones. Once upon a time, a high-end handset was the only option if you wanted a phone that worked well. But, in recent years, mid-range smartphones have improved in both looks and functionality. So much so, that they are almost at high-end smartphone level.

A Comparison Of High-End Vs. Mid-Range Smartphones

We’ve rounded up some of the best value-for-money mid-range smartphones on the market and put them head-to-head with some of the best high-end smartphones available in South Africa.

High-end vs medium-range smartphones


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