Comparing Fibre To The Home Costs: 2016 Vs. 2017

We decided to compare the two biggest fibre to home providers in South Africa to see if either of them have lowered their costs. The results pretty much show stagnation in costs, but an interesting increase in choice for the customer.


We compared fiber to the home (FTTH) costs from MWEB over the last two years to ascertain whether the cost of fibre is going down. We compared the range of products from MWEB that run on the Vumatel infrastructure. If you look at the table below, it is interesting to see that all of the prices have remained as is from last year. There does, however, seem to be a larger variety of choices with larger caps being introduced. For the first time, you can now get a 1Gps, which is a service that only MWEB is currently offering. The service provider has also seemed to do away with the smaller caps like the 4Mbps.

Product 2015 2016 2017
50GB + 4Mbps R499 R499
100GB + 10Mbps R699 R699
100GB + 20Mbps R799 R699 R699
200GB +20Mbps R749
500GB + 20Mbps R999 R899 R899
200GB + 50Mbps R999 R899 R899
500GB + 50Mbps R1,149 R999 R999
100GB + 100Mbps R1049
200GB + 100Mbps R1099
500GB + 100Mbps R1,349 R1,299 R1299
500GB + 1Gps R2999


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Telkom, on the other hand, seems to have dropped the prices of most of their packages. They do not offer as much variety as MWEB, and are also somewhat comparable in price. Most of their prices have, however, dropped from the start of 2017.

Product 2016 2017
100GB + 10Mbps R699 R699
100GB + 20Mbps R849 R799
200GB +40Mbps R1099 R999
100GB + 400Mbps R1599 R1599


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