Cell C Hikes Up Its Prices In 2017

Cell C has announced their price changes to prepaid and contract packages, which will take effect from 1 February 2017.

Price changes also apply to connection, subscription, goods, and SIM card fees. As well as usage charges and any other charge relating to Cell C services in terms of the subscriber agreement.

“We confirm that in terms of your subscriber agreement with Cell C, as well as the Consumer Protection Act, Cell C has the option of varying any of its charges from time to time,” said Cell C.


Price And Product Changes

Cell C stated that there would also be amendments to prepaid and data products. Furthermore, the free WhatsApp benefit on Trace Mobile will be removed from 1 February.

Other benefits that will be removed include the Nite Data allocation from all SmartData TopUp contracts that are activated from 1 February onward.

“Customers who are currently in contract, or activated before 1 February 2017, will continue to receive their Nite Data allocation until the end of their contract term,” said Cell C.

The Full Table Of Price Changes As Provided By Cell C


    Item     Package  Old Price   New Price
   Data out of Bundle rate (Rate/MB)       66c    R2.00    R1.10
    Mega Bonus    R1.00    R1.10
   SUPACHARGE, Sharks Mobile, Trace Mobile, Bhansela Data, AVBOB    99c    R1.10
   EasyChat    79c    R1.10
   Calls out of Bundle (Rate/min)     Supacharge    99c    R1.10

Contract Voice

    Item    Package Old Price New Price
    Monthly Subscription Fee    StraightUp 30 / StraightUp      30 TopUp   R35.00 R40.00
StraightUp 50 / StraightUp 50 TopUp R55.00 R60.00
StraightUp 100 / StraightUp 100 TopUp R110.00 R120.00
StraightUp 200 / StraightUp 200 TopUp R220.00 R240.00
StraightUp 400 / StraightUp 400 TopUp R440.00 R485.00
StraightUp 800 / StraightUp 800 R880.00 R950.00
Hi5 R165.00 R180.00
ChatMore 200 R159.00 R179.00
ChatMore 400 R220.00 R240.00
SmartChat 1GB / SmartChat 1GB TopUp R99.00 R110.00
SmartChat 2GB / SmartChat 2GB TopUp R199.00 R220.00
SmartChat 3GB / SmartChat 3GB TopUp R249.00 R270.00
SmartChat 6GB / SmartChat 6GB TopUp R449.00 R490.00
SmartChat 8GB / SmartChat 8GB TopUp R599.00 R650.00
CasualChat Anytime R130.00 R145.00
CasualChat 100 R115.00 R125.00
Casual SMS R115.00 R125.00
ActiveChat Standard R150.00 R165.00
ActiveChat 110 R250.00 R275.00
ActiveChat 220 R399.00 R440.00
All Week 100 R100.00 R110.00
BusinessChat R650.00 R715.00
BusinessChat R1100.00 R1200.00
BusinessChat R1500.00 R1650.00
BlackBerry All Week 100 R199.00 R220.00
BlackBerry CasualChat 100 R139.00 R150.00
Calls Out of Bundle (Rate/Min) All StraightUp and StraightUp TopUp R1.05 R1.25
Hi5 R1.05 R1.25
Chatmore 200 & 400 R1.50 R1.65
All SmartChat and SmartChat TopUp R139.00 R150.00
Data Out Of Bundle (Rate/MB) Smartchat Postpaid R0.79 R0.99
All SmartChat TopUp R0.79 R1.10
All StraightUp TopUp R0.99 R1.10


Item Package Old Price New Price
SmartData Bundle 25MB R8.00 R10.00
50MB R13.00 R16.00
100MB R25.00 R29.00
300MB R60.79 R65.00
500MB R90.00 R99.00
DataExtenda Bundle 30MB R11.00 R12.00
Daily Data Bundle 20MB R3.00 R4.00
50MB R7.00 R8.50
100MB R13.00 R14.00
WhatsApp Bundle WhatsApp Bundle R7.50 R12.00
Prepaid Broadband Once-off Allocation products (once-off price) 100GB (valid one year) R999.00 R1499.00
200GB (valid one year) R1599.00 R1999.00
Prepaid Broadband Monthly Allocation products (once-off price) 1.2GB (100MB every 30 days x 12m) R89.00 R99.00
2.4GB (200MB every 30 days x 12m) R79.00 R159.00
SmartData Contract SmartData 500MB (incl. TopUp) R39.00 R45.00
SmartData 1GB (incl. TopUp) R69.00 R75.00
SmartData 10GB (incl. TopUp) R349.00 R299.00
Data Out Of Bundle (Rate/MB) All SmartData TopUp plans R0.99 R1.10


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