Car Hacks to Try on Your Car Today

We all know and love those little hacks that make life so much easier. From old wives recipes to Pintrest DIY’s, there is something fulfilling about using a normal household product to magically transform something else. We take a look at some of the most useful hacks for your car here. 

Use Toothpaste To Clean Your Headlights

This sounds bizarre, but toothpaste is not necessarily just for brushing your teeth. It can be used for a variety of useful things around the house and for your car too! If your headlights are looking a bit foggy, with the thin layer of build-up on them, toothpaste will do the trick. All you will need is a cloth and a small dollop of toothpaste. Give it a good rub, and in no time, you will once again have sparkling headlights.

Put A Sta-Soft Under Your Seat

This is an old trick but is incredibly effective. Whether you left your windows open during a rainstorm, or if the kids use the car as their trash can, smells in the car can be off-putting. A full stay soft, popped under one of the seats will give off a consistent and inoffensive fragrance.  It is also cost-effective if you are watching the purse strings.  

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A Wet Newspaper Will Get A License Disk Sticker Off

The annoyance of having to renew your license disk every year is made even worse with the awful stickers used to keep it in place. If you don’t have one of the permanent disk holders in place, you will know the challenge of trying to peel that sticker off. The same goes with the absolutely infuriating traffic fines that get stuck to your window. Soak a newspaper for a few minutes and then leave it on over the sticker that you want to remove. In about ten minutes, you should be able to get it off without a problem.

Stop Window Cracks With Clear Nail Polish

Ladies all know the trick to stop a ladder in a pair of tights, but do you know the same trick can be used for a hairline crack. Obviously, if the crack is too thick, this will simply be a waste of nail polish. But if you spy a tiny, hairline crack in your windshield or side windows, some nail polish could do the trick to stop it from spreading. This is not a permanent solution though; make sure you go and get it professionally seen to.

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Use the Petrol Picture to Remember Which Side To Park

Have you ever looked closely at the dashboard. The fuel pump indicator not only lets you know when you are running low, but also shows you which side your pump is. This handy little hint goes unnoticed most of the time, but if you are driving a new or rental car, it could come in hand when pulling up to a station.

Match A Scratch With Nail Polish

Nail polish is obviously a must-buy for your next shop. The annoyance of a small scratch on a car can drive anyone mad. The easiest way to rid your car of fine scratches, is to match a nail polish with your car colour. It is usually not too difficult to do this. It will usually take a number of layers for the scratch to be totally covered.

Stop Windows Fogging Up With A Potato

Yes, as weird as this sounds, it works. Cut a potato in half and rub it on the outside of the window. Allow it to dry and your windows won’t get fogged up. It will stop condensation from building up on the window.

Cool Down Your Car Using This Easy Trick

It’s a boiling hot day and your car feels like an oven as soon as you open it. The trick is to open the front and back window on one side of the car. Walk around to the other, rapidly open and close the door. This action will essentially suck the hot air out of your car. The car will be reduced to a reasonable temperature and you can get on with your life.


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