Capped ADSL Back in Vogue

Capped ADSL seems to be making a comeback as people are migrating towards faster, unshaped, individual use that satisfies all data requirements according to Afrihost director, Greg Payne. In a society where we want more for less, it’s surprising that capped broadband options are re-emerging while uncapped broadband packages are cheaper than ever. Afrihost CEO, Gian Visser, stated that his clients like using capped broadband packages based on their monthly usage being inclusive in current capped data offers. According to Visser, capped broadband clients prefer the constant reliable speed and unshaped data usage regardless of time of day. An added bonus to the internet provider (ISPs), insight towards costs and quality control are more apparent with capped packages.

However, MWEB ISP CEO Derek Hershaw insists that an uncapped broadband package offers a better overall package compared to capped broadband packages. He elaborates by saying that monitoring your data usage is not an issue, especially in a developing market where there is always a constant demand for more data across devices and settings (home and office). Hershaw stated, “So, I think some capped offerings will always be attractive and have their place but overall, uncapped will continue to grow as a percentage of the total ADSL market.” Although capped Internet packages seem to be making an interesting reappearance, the promise of uncapped ADSL is certainly not going anywhere. At least there are always flexible broadband packages to suit each individual client’s broadband needs. Have a look at our compared capped and uncapped broadband offers to see if you need a better deal, go to

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