A New Era of Desktop Computing

Written by Samantha Steyn

I recently had the privilege of coming across a CloudGate awaiting a review. Despite my lack of knowledge of the product, I jumped at the opportunity! Anything to try out a new piece of technological innovation right?

Needless to say, after doing some background research on what was heading my way, I was quickly brought up to speed. The primary aim behind the development of the CloudGate is to offer ‘a new era of desktop computing’; a daring exploit used as the slogan.

Yet, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t give anything to not have to cart around the heavy boxes accompanying current desktop computers? I know I would. And apparently I’m not the only one. This demand has now been met by the ever- inventive Cloudware developers.

Jonathan Young, head of product at Cloudware, had this to say about their latest piece of work: “The desktop PC has dominated the office for nearly 40 years, but it's outlived its usefulness. It makes no economic or management sense to put all that processing power and storage into a standalone machine that will never run at more than a fraction of its capacity.

The principal physical reason to not move everything to the data centre has been slow network connections – but Cloudware solves that problem. Within a few years, the desktop PC as we know it will seem as quaint and outdated as the typewriter.” Whether or not the desktop computer, as we have always known it, will soon cease to exist, I’m not yet convinced. I am, however, persuaded that many companies can and will benefit from the use of the CloudGate. Complete with and HDMI cable, power supply, micro USB cable, and USB to micro USB adaptor, the CloudGate arrives already kitted out.

All you need is an HD screen, USB keyboard and mouse and you’re good to go! Oh, and an Internet connection would help, of course. Once set up and turned on, smartphone lovers will feel right at home with the simple and efficient Android software. You may just feel as though you are using a giant cellphone! In a sense, that’s exactly what you are doing; gaining the benefits of cellphone software with desktop computer hardware.

That’s how I would describe the functionality of the CloudGate; bearing in mind that I am no tech whizz. Yet, for companies who are looking to save on IT costs and increase basic output, then the CloudGate is most definitely your go-to. In my brief encounter with the CloudGate, I was impressed with its size, minimal weight, and stylish appearance. When putting it to use, I loved the simplicity of it all and the familiarity of the software.

The initial set up of the computer software has everything you may need as well as a Play Store should you wish to download any further applications. If asked what the best thing about the CloudGate is? I would definitely say its portability. It allows easy transportation from work to home and back again.

In fact, you could take this little guy with you wherever you go! It’s that easy! Do yourself a favour, give it a try! At R2000, you could do a lot worse! Or find out more by visiting http://www.cloudgate.co.za/.


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