7 Ways To Drive Green

Not everyone can afford an electric car, but there are many other ways to drive green and be more eco-conscious.

By adopting an eco-friendly driving style, you are lowering greenhouse gas emissions, improving air quality, and reducing ambient noise levels, as well as the demand for non-renewable fuels.

As an added bonus, you can increase the lifespan of your engine, tyres, brake pads and fuel.

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Here Are 7 Ways To Do Your Bit For The Environment

1. Anticipate Traffic Flow

Instead of trailing behind a car, drive a comfortable distance behind that will ensure you can act instead of react.

Adopting this way of driving is not only safer, it’s all about going easy on the brakes and accelerator and keeping the car in motion. This can also be used when going downhill.

Avoid aggravating stop-start situations by taking your foot off the accelerator to absorb speed gradually. This driving tip avoids sharp braking and sudden accelerating which guzzles fuel and increases CO2 emissions.

2. No Junk In The Trunk

As mentioned in , keeping a lot of unnecessary luggage in your car makes it heavier and requires more fuel to propel the car forward.

The more fuel you use, the more CO2 emissions you produce.

3. Carpool

Carpooling is a fantastic green initiative that saves you fuel and lowers CO2 emissions. What’s even better, for every person in a carpool, that is one less car on the road which helps with congestion and traffic.

4. Moderate Your Aircon

While having aircon in the hot summer months can be a godsend, try to moderate how and when you use your aircon. Drive green by winding down the windows, allowing airflow through the vehicle which can quickly cool down a car that has been standing in the heat for a period of time.

Air-conditioning increases fuel consumption by 10%, so it is important to switch it off as soon as the required cabin temperature has been reached.

In addition, prevent CFC leaks that harm the environment by ensuring your system is regularly serviced.

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5. Avoid Idling

Idling in itself wastes fuel for no good reason, and that adds up.

In America, a car idles on average as much as 16 minutes a day. That includes warming up, waiting and sitting in traffic. Naturally, some idling is inevitable, but halving the amount of idle time can make a significant impact.

Switch off your engine at a long traffic light or when you have been idling for more than ten seconds. Idling will also negatively impact your engine as a result of incomplete combustion which drives down your fuel efficiency.

6. Lightweight Tyres

Quite simply, lightweight tyres offer less rolling resistance, which means it is easier for your car to propel itself forward.

Increase fuel efficiency by checking your tyre pressure regularly. If under-inflated, tyres may have excessive drag and resistance, which causes the car to work harder – therefore using more fuel.

To drive green is a win-win situation. Not only do you save on fuel and maintenance issues, you reduce your carbon footprint which DOES make a difference no matter what type of car you drive.


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