6 Stupid Reasons Why Smart People Never Get Rich

Just Because You’re Smart, Doesn’t Mean You’re Special. Many people are smart. And there are even more out there smarter than you, but being smart doesn’t mean you’ll be successful.

These are reasons you will never reach success.

1. You Were Praised Too Much For Being Smart

A gifted child always draws unneeded attention. Because they’re naturally gifted, encouragement of effort goes unrewarded.

By the time adulthood arrives, hard work is a foreign concept. the idea that work ethic is not as important as natural intelligence results in laziness and under-achievement.

2. You Find It Difficult To Take Responsibility

By the time you realise that you’ll need to work for success, you’re old, still living with your parents, and have major self-esteem issues.

To make yourself feel better, you take the road you’ve always chosen, the easy one – and then you blame your parents.

3. You Surround Yourself Amongst Other Smart Under-Achievers

The saying “you are who you hang out with”, is actually the law of attraction disguised. We tend to mimic  the people around us. If all that surrounds you are negative

under-achievers who validate misguided thoughts, that’s probably all you’ll end up being.

4. You Don’t Possess The Confidence

You over-think, doubt, analyze and all this eventually leads to negativity and breaks confidence. Rich, successful people believe in their vision and have unshakeable faith.

5. Over-thinking Is Exhausting

No exercise, constant binging, continuous sleep, and excessive questioning leaves you starved for healthy, positive stimulation.

6. Unwilling To Learn And Change

Denial is the only way you can live with yourself when you’re in line to change, as it calls for standing up for your life and doing the necessary work. The only way to live in a constantly changing world, is let go of the past and embrace the new.

Being smart doesn’t mean you’ll get rich; realising that you’re not might open more doors to success.



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