6 Hacks To Brighten Up Your Car For Spring

Many of us run busy lives with many different roles to fill throughout our day. But do you ever put time into ensuring that the very thing that gets you around is maintained?

Your vehicle is your lifeline when it comes to getting around town during a busy day. Sometimes we let life get the better of us and neglect our cabby.

So we have created a list of ways to help you get your car ‘spring ready’ and feeling fabulously new.

1. Clean Out The Clutter 

The most obvious one would be to clean the junk out the trunk. Whether it be water bottles, coffee cups, clothes or empty takeaway bags, we are all guilty of littering our car.

Our vehicle, for some, is like a bedroom on wheels. This has been become a dumping ground for used and unwanted goods. However, some of the odds and ends found under the seat might save you in the mists of an emergency.

This might be all good and well, but what do other people think when they get into a cluttered cabby?

You may also be putting yourself at risk in this country by parking with visible valuables in your car. This could attract unwanted guests to forcefully enter into your vehicle.

So do yourself a favour and spring clean your ride!

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2. Improve Your Stereo System

The wind blowing through your hair, bling shades on your face, your favourite tunes blaring as you drive around Victoria Road past Camps Bay.

Doesn’t this just sound like pure bliss? Well it could be if you had a good sound system in your gas guzzler.

Spoil yourself before the festive season and enjoy the summer tunes through a decent pair of speakers. Let the world know that you mean business and enjoy your rides to and from work in peak hour traffic.

If you aren’t sure what would suit your needs, why not contact an audio expert at Soundmatch.

3. Smooth Riding With A New Pair Of Wheels

No more ridin’ dirty with a new pair of wheels for your drive.

Not only is a good pair of tyres important when it comes to driving performance,but it is also crucial for your safety. It is important to get your tyres changed once the tread is worn. If your tyre is smooth then best you get yourself a new set.

Nothing says spring ready like a new pair of tyres. Why not add a pair of stylish rims to make your wheels pop! There are a variety to choose from to suit your style and your pocket.

Want to find out more about some new wheels and rims, why not call SupaQuick.

4. Clean The A/C & Make It Fresh As A Daisy

During summer, we tend to use the air conditioner in our vehicle on a regular basis. This could cause a musky, mildew smell that could be lingering out of the air vents.

This might cause an unpleasant drive for both passengers and the driver in question. What perfect timing than to sort your A/C out now that spring is upon us.

While you at it, why not buy yourself a nice air freshener to hang from your mirror to ensure a ‘spring breeze’ aroma throughout your four-wheeler.

Check out this video to help you clean out your A/C yourself.

5. How About A Paint Touch Up? 

Nothing that a good coat of paint can’t fix? Get your slacks on and ready for a bit of DIY. Give your car the Va Va Voom to make it pop when it goes Zoom with a touch up paint job.

Does your car live outside throughout the winter months? Well it sure must look a little worn out after the rain and wintery weather that we have been experiencing.

Feel fresh when you drive in your ride after its been given a once over of touch up paint.

The usual scratches and dents can also been touched up while you are at it to ensure that your cab looks as good as new.

If taking it to the panelbeater is too pricey for you, get your hands on the Plascon Touch Up Custom Spray Solution and do it yourself.

Just make sure that you get the right colour other wise your ride could look like your grandmother’s quilt.

6. See The World Clearly With New Windscreen Wipers

Windscreen wiper blades are super temperamental. They really don’t last very long so its best to keep an eye on them before you end up straining your eyes to see out.

After winter it is probably a good idea to get your blades changed to ensure that you have a fresh new pair of wiper blades for the next season.

Wiper blades vary in price, however no matter which pair of blades you decide to purchase, just ensure that you make sure that they fit your vehicle model.

It is rather strange, but each car has a wiper blade that is suitable to their windscreen.

Now that we have provided you with some options, its up to you to ensure that you get your roadster spring ready!

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