5 Home Improvement Tips to Lower Your Insurance Premiums

Here are a few easy tips to improve in your home to lower the insurance premiums for your car, home contents, and the structure of the building.

1. Build a garage This improves your car’s safety and boosts your home’s value. You are also able to store unused items from your garden in your garage.

2. Install security doors Not only will this instill a peace of mind, you have the benefit of lowering risk for the insurance companies. This lowered risk leads to a decrease in premium costs for home and building insurance.

3. Maintenance You pay less if you maintain your car with frequent services and moderate use. Keep your furniture in good condition while ensuring your electronics don’t suffer from misuse to reduce your content insurance premium. If you live in an older house, it’s recommended that you update and maintain the electrical cables, plumbing, painting, and roof maintenance so you can reduce your building structure premiums.

4. Beams and security lights Improve your security with beams across your property that set off an alarm and alert a security company that someone is in your property. You can also add another step by installing a motion-detecting light.

5. Clear bushes and branches Keep branches from smashing through your windscreen or dining room window by trimming them regularly.

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