Ford Kuga’s 3rd Recall In Just Eight Months

Ford SA is treading hot water as they recall one of their luxury vehicles for the third time. For all Ford Kuga owners, the car seems to not be as safe as one would think.

The first recall took place in March, the second in July and now the most recent one in August.

This vehicle has been recalled three times in the past eight months due to various fire hazards.

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What Is The Problem This Time? 

The previous two recalls have been due to a faulty coolant system. This led the vehicle’s cylinder head to crack, which in turn led to an oil leak on to the hot engine. This caused the engine to catch alight.

There have been 64 incidents since 2015, due to the Kuga’s engine catching alight and bursting into flames.

In one tragic case, Reshall Jimmy was burnt alive in his Kuga in 2015, when he was on vacation in the Wilderness with his family.

New alarms have been raised, with the front seatbelt insulation being the problem this time.

According to Ford SA’s recent press release, a number of Kugas are being recalled due to potential fire risk.

“In the event of a frontal collision, these vehicles have been identified as having a possible risk for a B-Pillar fire. The activation of the seatbelt pretentioner can potentially cause the insulation material around the pretensioner to ignite. The solution is to remove the insulation material from the area around the seatbelt retractor-pretensioner to prevent the risk of fire.”

Is My Kuga At Risk? 

Ford has said that not all their Kuga’s need to be recalled. Did you buy your Kuga between 17 July 2012 and up to and including 19 June 2014? If yes, then your vehicle will need to be checked.

“Approximately 173 000 (7 219 in South Africa) Ford Kuga vehicles built in Valencia (Spain) and Elebuga (Russia) are affected.”

Has your vehicle has already been in for a safety recall? Well, you will still need to take it to your dealership. This is because it is an unrelated issue.

“While this recall is not related, customers that are already bringing their vehicles in for the Phase 2 action will be able to have both recalls conducted at the same time. The repair work for this recall should not take more than an hour to complete.”

*If you have any information regarding the recall and your vehicle, please contact Ford Customer Service directly at 0800 204 688 / 012 843 5824 or

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