16 Days of Activism: How You Can Help

Activism Written by Chelsea Petersen

While the campaign only runs for 16 days, it is hoped that their aims will effect a permanent change. By raising awareness about the negative impact of women and child abuse, 16 Days of Activism aims to:

  • Challenge violent offenders to amend their behaviour,
  • Involve men to help end the violence,
  • Provide victims and survivors with information and services to help cope with the impact of violence.

South Africans are urged and encouraged to participate in, or even show supports for the cause. Here’s how you can help:

  • Wear the white campaign ribbon for the 16 day period to show support. As a symbol of peace, the ribbon not only shows support for the movement, but also the wearer’s commitment to never use or condone violence.
  • Actively participate in 16 Days of Activism events.
  • Volunteer with NGO’s or community groups who help support abused women and children.
  • Speak out against violence. Encourage female victims to come forward about their abuse, and ensure they get help.
  • Make donations to organisations that work to end violence against women and children.
  • Report any cases of abuse you are aware of to the police.
  • Be aware of how your personal attitudes, actions, and opinions might encourage sexist violence, and understand how you can change them.
  • Join Community Policing Forums to better ensure safety and security in your community.


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